Previously, the options to create your own private label hair care products were limited.  The options on minimum order quantities of 48 pieces and above has become the standard for most salon owners.  However, a few alternatives have popped up with the ability to to order lower minimums.  But, the caveat is the lack of personalization.  Your options are to slap a square label of your logo in front of the bottle and their information goes on the back of the bottle.

With all of those options mentioned, where does one go to test the market?   One more thing is how to start without committing to a large quantity of inventory?



Today, Derde Puffin Groop offers a perfect combination for Salon Owners, Entrepreneurs and Influencers.  For instance, the slimmer minimums starting at 12 pieces per size, per bottles with full personalization capabilities is a huge upside.  Looking back, Derde Puffin Groop has gone back to the original private label roots while making it sexier!

Now, you can test your market with a product line that fully embodies your personal style.  Finally, Derde Puffin Groop offers the ability to put your logo in front of the bottle.  With the ability to rename the products and craft your own marketing claims is very lucrative.  Lastly, your own company information will be on the back of the bottle.




The retail side of the Salon and Spa industry has evolved.  Some may even say it has regressed.  Of course, this is depending on your point of view. Traditionally, salons and spas would be approached by hair product companies offering Exclusivity Rights.  This means, the salon is the only one who can sell the products in their area.  Above all, it was believed that no other competitor would have access to said product.  Because of this, customers would flock to the salon for their services then leave with a bag of product that could only be purchased at that specific salon.  


But, then a funny thing happened.  Try to remember that, product companies are trying to make money too.  And, they want to move as much product to ensure they reach their MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantities) from their manufacturers.  Therefore, this resulted to Product Diversion.  National Brands started sell to local retailers like supermarket or pharmacies and giant E-Commerce despite the “Sold in Professional Salons Only” label on their packaging.  With all of the competition on lower cost and the availability of these Professional Only products, how does one survive in the market place?





How does one really compete with Amazon or even large Retailers?  You and I both know that it’s a battle that will never be won.

To combat this, salons and spas and have come to the realization that the only way to seize the reins of their retail operations is not to fight a price-war.

Instead, Salons and Spas are coming to the conclusion that the only way to dramatically increase profit-margins is to create their own  exclusive brand with private label. Private label products afford salons and spas the ability to sell a unique, customizable line of products that can only be found at the salon or spa.   Private label offers a complete one-of-a-kind packaging and branding that is catered to the exact specifications of each business. The profit-margins are far greater when selling private label.   In addition, the products themselves serve as free advertising for the business. Consumers aren’t staring at a Matrix, Redken or Joico logo when they reach for their products, they are staring at the logo of the salon or spa they frequent.


Finally, when we spoke to a National Brand Sales Rep about their challenges on the field.  They mentioned that their only competition is when a Salon Owner drops their product to start their own Private Label Hair Care products.