Now that you’ve sampled and selected your private label hair care formulas, bottle & closure type, it’s time to start designing your labels!  Here’s a few tips to expedite your Artwork Phase!
Based on your vision board, we will create a few label designs for your approval. The art department needs your help obtaining the correct files to ensure your logo looks clean & crisp once it prints.


Please note, we cannot use screenshots of your logo from your mobile phone or desktop screenshots.

DPG works with Adobe Illustrator (AI) to design and create cut label files.  Any logo designs outlined on AI will be useable and can be forwarded to us on AI or PDF type files.


Now, let’s talk about the type of files we have received in the past.











Many customer related requests on label designs require a transparent background.  If you’re using a free design app like Fiverr or Canva, make sure you’re downloading or requesting the SVG file from the designer. 


The standard DPG stock label type is white gloss.  To avoid blurred or pixelated appearance for printing, a high quality SVG file is needed for your logo.


Let’s talk about SVG’s, PNG’s, JPEG’s & OMG’s!

PNG’s Portable Network Graphics – Not suitable for high quality print, requires more space & not universally supported. While larger size PNG’s are much better than JPEG’s, this type of file will not give you the professional look and clarity that an SVG file will produce. Take a look at the example above, A. PNG: 438 x 438 PX once a color-block is applied behind the logo. On another note, PNG’s are wonderful for your websites!


JPG’s or JPEG’s Joint Photographic Experts Group – Not suitable for high quality print either. When we speak about “Pixelated”, JPEG’s are the notorious for this especially when the file is as small as 40 KB. Do you notice the top left Circle on D. JPEG 500 x 500 PX and how the color of the Circle & color splash is no longer visible? While JPEG’s may not be suitable for high quality prints, this file is perfect for personal use like photos for social media posts or photo storage or sharing. JPG’s or JPEg’s is known to degrade with every compression and get pixelated.


SVG’s – Scalable Vector Graphics – This is the BEST type of file for high quality prints. When we receive SVG files of your logo, the art department starts dancing (not in a good way). SVG files allows the image to be scaled larger or smaller without the loss of quality. This type of files allows us to place the logo on top of a color-block with ease & clarity. See above photo for the example E. SVG Transparent Background.


PDF’s  Portable Document Format – This type of file is also great for high quality prints. PDF’s are similar to SVG’s when it comes to ease in scalability.  DPG will send your designs or logos on a PDF file. Any designer using Adobe Illustrator should be able to manipulate designs or logos on a PDF file.


When using a freelance designer to create your logo, it is crucial to ALWAYS ask for an “Outlined SVG or PDF file”. Now, once you receive the proper files, please ensure you download all the files to a separate folder that you can keep track of. Don’t just leave it in your inbox where it can be deleted accidentally.



OUTLINED TEXT – When using cursive fonts on logos with like the above example, and if the logo is not outlined by your original designer, the receiving designer will require you to purchase and provide the font to them. Important logos and tag lines MUST BE OUTLINED to eliminate any issues for printing.