Waterproof vs Water-Resistant Labels

We have found that the terms “water-resistant” and “waterproof” are thought by many to mean the same thing, however they don’t quite mean the same. And, some companies will use waterproof labels when they are actually only water-resistant. The definition of the term  waterproof means something that is completely protected against water. Similarly, something that is water-resistant only means that it repels water.

What type of label do we use at DPG?

We use a High Gloss BOPP label with a coating that helps the ink adhere to the labels. With a laminate applied to the top of the label these are water-resistant labels.  They can be submerged for short periods of time or in a mist like a shower.

What do other lines use?

Most of the hair care products you purchase with labels are water-resistant label and not waterproof. You may have had shampoo that you purchased from a retail store where the label rubbed off the bottle before you finished using the product. This is one form of water-resistant labels.

How are my labels printed for my Hair Care line?

The process we use to protect the label and your design are as follows. We print the labels on a gloss label that is coated with a special chemical that help the ink adhere to the label. Then the label is placed on a our cutting machine that puts thing laminate over top to seal and protect the ink. The label is then cut into the shape and size needed for your order. The bottles are applied to the bottle on a dust free dry surface that will adhere to the bottle.