Nowadays, you’ll frequently see many hair and skin care products claiming that they’re paraben and sulfate free which would make you think why manufacturers would feel it’s important to stay away from these two. Although many cosmetic manufacturers have “jumped on the bandwagon”, a lot still haven’t. That is why it is important to read the ingredients, even though they seem to be a language from another planet, and decide which ones are better alternatives.

So, is there a good reason to vilify parabens and sulfates when they have been an ever-present ingredient in hair and skin products we grew up with? Before we go there, let me introduce these two “infamous” cosmetic additives.



What Are Parabens and Why You Might Think It’s BAD?

Parabens are a group of chemicals WIDELY used as preservatives in numerous hair and skin care products since… (drumroll) … the 1920s!!!!!! Most likely, your grandmother’s and mother’s shampoo and lotion, which you still swear by today and religiously use on a daily basis, might still have this ingredient! Parabens make it possible for products to stay on the store shelves for months and months or even years without expiring because it prevents the growth of microorganisms-bacteria, yeast, and molds, which cause spoilage and harm to the consumers.

Knowing this, you might want to ask, “Why would we stay away from parabens when it has been used since before World War 2?” Many scientific studies now show that this preservative messes up hormone function by mimicking the estrogen in the body. This estrogenic activity can have harmful effects on the reproductive organs in BOTH males and females and increase the risk of certain cancers such as breast cancer and affect sperm count.

Furthermore, parabens pose an environmental risk as well. Even though waste waters are being treated to eliminate contaminants, trace amounts of this preservative still trickle continuously into the aquatic environment. Studies have shown that parabens are detected in the bodies of some marine mammals and just a low amount of butylparaben can be detrimental tcorals.

Need I say more? Heck yeah, there’s MORE! Parabens are not only found in hair and skin care, they’re everywhere! To name a few, you’ll find it in some foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, makeup, and…yes, swimming pools! Exposure much! Sadly, parabens have been detected in infants, older children, adults, and pregnant women. We have been exposed early on and it’s continuous!


The Masks of the Sinful Six, Paraben A.K.A.s

                    • Methylparaben
                    • Ethylparaben
                    • Isobutylparaben
                    • Propylparaben
                    • Benzylparaben
                    • Butylparaben

So don’t be fooled! Oh yeah, if you see “parahydroxybenzoate”, it is a paraben!


Can We Still Talk About Sulfates?

I know, I know, I have already bombarded you with numerous ominous information BUT sulfates are not as bad as parabens even though they still are a pesky additive. Sulfates or SLS are found in many household products, such as shampoos, toothpaste, foam cleansers, bath bombs, liquid hand soaps, and laundry and dish detergents. They are responsible for making the product foam or lather when you mix them with water. Sulfates are surfactants or detergent, which grabs and removes oil, dirt, and grime from the surface you are applying it on. The foam it creates, makes it appealing to us, as it makes spreading shampoo or soap easier and makes us use less of these products.

When you see under the ingredient list words like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and ammonium laureth sulfate, yes, these are sulfates.


Do We Still Need To Watch Out for Sulfates?

Well…..yeah. Sulfates are too good at their job that they get overzealous in cleaning! They are so efficient that they also can remove too much of the natural oils and moisture on our hair and skin! When sulfates strip away too much of these, they will leave our hair and skin dry and unhealthy, which consequently causes skin irritations, damage to the hair, and hair loss.


This is Where We Help You!

As you might have noticed, we make it a point that you should take notice when our products are paraben and sulfates free particularly due to the reasons stated above. Most hair care products have ingredients that become an excellent breeding ground for all types of microorganisms such as yeast, mold, fungi, and bacteria, and depend on some form of “preservation” to control this harm from occurring. Furthermore, to deliver an effective cleansing action, must include a suitable detergent to take away excess oil, grime, and dirt that accumulate on our hair and scalp on a daily basis.

Here at Derde Puffin Groop, we incorporate alternatives to keep our hair care line from being a bottle of toxic soup while ensuring that our products deliver a satisfying clean hair experience.

  • We employ a sterile manufacturing procedure.
  • We use a safer, gentler, and vegan alternative to parabens and sulfates.
  • Our pH levels create an inhospitable environment for these pesky critters while ensuring optimal benefits to hair.
  • Our products are rich in beneficial botanical essential oils and antioxidant that promotes healthy hair and scalp.
  • We offer slimmer and more flexible minimum purchases between 12 to 48 pieces per size, per bottle, which allows you to have a fresh batch of hair care products at your convenience!

Let us give you a helping hand and contact us for more information. We are glad to help you in anyway we can.