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Why Join Derde Puffin Groop?


Derdē Puffin Grōōp is a Contract Manufacturer with offices in Florida and California. We focus on formulating current and high-performance cosmetic products sustained with over 25 years of Contract Manufacturing and Private Label experience.

We work to achieve the most effective cosmetic formula focusing on growing our brand innovators with the conception of a personalized collection of a salon-grade formulas.

What is Private Label?

Private label is a cost-effective and cost-efficient method of launching a personalized product line.  In addition, private label eliminates lab fees, high minimums and storage challenges that are associated with manufacturing a product line.

Derdē Puffin Grōōp absorbs the initial investment cost, research, development, and storage concerns to ensure concept to launch success.  Our premium private label hair care selection is authenticated and innovated by Salon Professionals for Salon Professionals.

Who benefits from Private Label?

Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Salon Owner & Salon Suite Owners can now equally reap the rewards of retailing a product that holds your name in front and back of the bottle.

Launching a hair care line becomes possible with flexible minimums between 12 to 48 pieces per size, per bottle.  Lost retail sales from online e-commerce will now become a mere memory of the past.

How will Private Label benefit me?

We recognized & decoded the performance, space & cost challenges when it comes to launching a personalized product line.

With flexible and slimmer minimums, we have eliminated excess inventory that results with expired products.   Additionally, the most important benefit is to finally prevail the price-war competition against E-Commerce opposition.

As a final point on what truly benefits you, receive increased profit-margin opposed to retailing a National Brand.

The only Brand that matters.

Given that Private Label continues to be the “Dirty Little Secret” of successful Brands, the Derdē Puffin Grōōp will

continuously “Keep our Beaks Sealed”.

Products & Orders




How do I get samples and is there a cost?

Sample kits can be purchased on our websites on the how it works page. There are several different sample kits you can chose from for the product or products that best services your customers

Who’s information is on the back of the bottle?

The bottom back of the bottle will have an option of “Distributed by” or “Manufactured for” heading, along with your company information.

Can I design a different label for each product?

Yes!  Since we offer a selection of waterproof White and Clear Gloss Labels, we encourage you to be as creative as you can.  We also offer full-color label print design with upgrade fees applicable on color gradients 50% and above.

A one time Label Setup fee of $50 per size, per bottle applies.

Do you carry natural or organic hair products?

Our formulas of premium private label shampoos, conditioners are Vegan and free-from Sulfates and Parabens.  We also have a selection of Vegan and MIT-Free formulas.  Lastly, formulas have Botanical Extracts and contains Certified Organic Extracts.  Ask your Puffin Specialist for more details.




How do I get started?

A 50% deposit is required prior to label design and the remaining balance will be due prior to shipment.

How long does it take to receive my products?

Initial orders ship approximately between 7 to 10 business days from the label template approval.  Reorders ship within 5 to 7 business days of processed 50% deposit towards the order.


Accounts & Artwork



How do I create an account?

An account is created when your first order is placed.  Once processed, you will have access to the member’s area upon log in. You will be able to reorder products, receive exclusive promotions and new product launches.

How do I reset my password?

On the log in page, click the “forgot password” link. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. If you are still having problems please contact support@derdepuffingroop.com for assistance.

How do I change my shipping address?

Log in to your account and select your account settings. You will see the option to update your shipping address.




What file format do you need?

We accept a variety of file formats for your logo and other images you wish to appear on your label. We accept jpeg, png, svg, psd or ai file types.

Can I create my own label design?

Yes, you can create your own labels. Contact your Puffin Manager and request the label dimensions for each size.

Is there a charge to have you create our label design?

The $50.00 Label Setup fee includes a complimentary label design per size, per bottle with 2 redirects.

Are your labels waterproof?

No, the labels are water resistant they are not waterproof.

Can I silk screen the bottles instead of labels?

Yes, you can silk screen the bottles, however the minimum order is higher and the lead time takes more time. Please check with an Account Manager for minimum order quantities and lead times.