Private Label Hair Care Logo Printing Guidelines

Now that you've sampled and selected your private label hair care formulas, bottle & closure type, it's time to start designing your labels!  Here's a few tips to expedite your Artwork Phase!   Based on your vision board, we will create a few label designs for...

Backbar Options for Private Label Hair Care

What does Unlabeled Backbar look like?UNLABELED BACKBAR 2 PIECES PER FORMULA MOQ PERSONALIZED BACKBAR 12 PIECES PER SIZE, PER BOTTLE MOQ Minimums apply on all personalized items due to high waste upon lamination process.  Standard printing process requires 2 to 3 feet...

Online Digital Strategies

In this post we aim to help you with your online google marketing. Helping you grow your online store or promote you business location. access the best of Google’s trainings and tools to grow their skills, careers, and businesses. You can learn more...

Waterproof vs Water-Resistant Labels

Waterproof vs Water-Resistant Labels

Waterproof vs Water-Resistant Labels We have found that the terms "water-resistant" and "waterproof" are thought by many to mean the same thing, however they don't quite mean the same. And, some companies will use waterproof labels when they are actually only...

Press and Curl Step 1 of 2

Marlon from Dare to Be Notices in Inglewood CA will demonstrate how he use the products from Derde Puffin Groop to do a Press and Curl that leaves his clients hair looking amazing.  If you are in the Inglewood area please book an appalment with Marlon or one of his other team members.

Organic and Natural Private Label Hair Products

Organic and Natural Private Label Hair Products

We found that Natural or Organic Hair Care Products usually means differently to a variety of people.  For instance, in Contract Manufacturing the term Organic and Natural products typically refers to a 100% “Essential Oils” or “Beeswax”.  However, the term Natural and Organic Private Label Hair Products means “Sulfate-free” or “Paraben-Free” to consumers.